First Moment in Hotel Room

Just like the housekeepers left it
like no one has ever stayed there before

air crisp and conditionered
scent fresh 

carpet vacuumed

kingsized bed layered with sheets
pulled up so tightly
pillows upright against the headboard
enough for like nine people
chocolate mints on top

waste basket empty

all drawers bare

desk uncluttered
channel guide
pen and pad with hotel logo
room service menu
uniformly spaced
sharp right angles

hangers in the closet
but nothing hanging

dusted countertop
ice bucket dry, ready
drinking glasses in plastic wrap
new coffeemaker
coffee, filters, stirrers
in a little basket

the bathroom is the best
towels origamied into precise rectangles 
complimentary bottles lined up - shampoo, conditioner, bodywash
bar of soap still in the wrapper
toilet paper dangle
folded into a perfect triangular point

"Ahhhhhhhhh" I exhale

Then I gotta pee

A little bit gets on the seat
I reach for the toilet paper
hesitate for a moment
then sigh
tear off the folded sheet 
crumple it up 
and use it 
to wipe the bowl and my dick
before tossing it 
and flushing

it's the beginning
The Great
Of It

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