Book of Food Author’s Note

Welcome to Book of Food. Which is all about that universal thing that each of us needs to consider at some point every single day in order to survive. Perhaps just behind birth and death, the ultimate Me&You topic. 

It’s for this reason that I’ve been using Food as a theme for my English Comp I classes since the fall of 2017. I’d been using various themes before then with mixed results, but when I picked Food something really seemed to click. Students don’t seem to get tired of it, it’s refreshingly common ground in this polarized era, and it can be fun!  

Me, John Lehndorff, and English class at IHOP 11/19

The Food theme has also not gotten boring for me yet. I look forward to our food description potlucks. I still enjoy personal essays about things like the time an asshole customer threw a burrito at a studentor reports on the history of gummy bears. And it’s always a pleasure when professional food writer John Lehndorff comes in to visit the class to give pointers on restaurant reviews.

And I’m sure the class has also had some influence on my writing. Food just seems so versatile, whether as a symbol, as relatable imagery, or as a backdrop for a story. In this book I’ve collected some of my favorite food-centered pieces from the last few years. 

  • Do you like donuts and/or wish you could just take your time? 
  • Do you like pizza and/or worry what complete strangers will think of you? 
  • Do you like M&M’s and/or ever think you’re going to get screwed but surprisingly don’t?
  • Do you like drinking fountains and/or always worry if you’re doing things ‘right’? 
  • Do you like Cheerios and/or put yourself around people who are kinduva mess? 
  • Do you like Arby’s and/or ever get bullied?
  • Do you like Girl Scout Cookies and/or not feel like your age? 
  • Do you like hotel breakfasts and/or feel uncomfortable with change? 
  • Do you like King Sooper’s and/or forget the one most important thing? 

Me&You both! 

– Jonathan 

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