Announcement: “Nine Books (At Once!)” Release on November 5!

Very excited to announce the release of my new book series “Nine Books (At Once!)” on November 5th!… These are literally 9 separate books of short work I’ve written over the last few years, which first appeared on my website and will now be in print as the first title from Boulder Poetry Scene Press!…

What the Fuck is Going On?: A Review of Meg Tuite’s “White Van”

At some point between co-hosting April’s FBomb flash fiction reading at its new venue, The Roxy, and listening to me ramble Jack-n-Coke-ally on about Pinyon Jays later at her hotel bar, Meg Tuite, Santa Fe editor, poet, and flash-fictioneer, whose work has, according to her website, remarkably appeared “in over 600 literary magazines,” handed me…


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