The One-Eyed Canyon Towhee…

came to the backyard bird feeder and was bad-ass came to the feeder and was pitiful I ran to get my binoculars to get the closest possible look must’ve survived a fight I wanted to be it I felt sorry for it, I wanted to give it a new eye, but I wasn’t capable EveryContinue reading “The One-Eyed Canyon Towhee…”

The Worst Cab Driver I’ve Ever Had

I picked up this woman downtown.  She said where she was going and nothing else. Most passengers said nothing.  And I said nothing.  And we both liked it that way. I drove the woman all the way to her place before she spoke again. “You’re the worst cab driver I’ve ever had.” “Huh?” “You didn’tContinue reading “The Worst Cab Driver I’ve Ever Had”

Carryout Pizza

I went to Domino’s to pick up my pizza. An old lady was working carryout.  She looked like she’d had a whole life before Domino’s and was wondering how the hell she ended up there. “Can I help you?” she asked. I looked down and noticed I’d been stained by watermelon lemonade earlier that day.Continue reading “Carryout Pizza”

Identifying Sandpipers

I was at Sawhill Pond just before sundown, and the sandpipers were back.  Little brown-gray-white birds with long bills that peck at things in the mud. According to Sibley Birds West there are 17 species referred to as ‘sandpiper’ and 68 shorebirds overall.  They have distinct names like ‘spotted,’ ‘solitary,’ ‘semipalmated,’ ‘baird’s,’ ‘western’, and ‘least.’  But theyContinue reading “Identifying Sandpipers”

First Moment in Hotel Room

Yesss Just like the housekeepers left it like no one has ever stayed there before air crisp and conditionered scent fresh carpet vacuumed kingsized bed layered with sheets pulled up so tightly pillows upright against the headboard enough for like nine people chocolate mints on top waste basket empty all drawers bare desk uncluttered channelContinue reading “First Moment in Hotel Room”