The One-Eyed Canyon Towhee…

came to the backyard bird feeder and was bad-ass

came to the feeder and was pitiful

I ran to get my binoculars to get the closest possible look

must’ve survived a fight

I wanted to be it

I felt sorry for it, I wanted to give it a new eye, but I wasn’t capable

Every bird in the backyard had one eye

According to Audubon: “In dry foothills and canyons in the interior of the Southwest, Canyon Towhees are common in the low brush”

I went to grow a new eye in The Lab

I only have one eye too

its other senses were heightened

couldn’t live without me

we evolved to have two of everything just in case

is only seen by me

watches me with its binoculars

is a significant metaphor

I found the eye on the ground and didn’t know how to put it back in

the eye was eaten by the lizard

the lizard had no eyes

I would die without both eyes

Please donate to the Cyclops Fund

fed itself seeds

is a bloodthirsty pirate

The President took its eye and refuses to apologize

represents a part of myself

removed its eye with its own beak

I didn’t want anyone else to notice

I told everyone

I only told mom

needed no recognition

I took the eye out, I’m responsible, it was gruesome, I didn’t wash the blood off, I loved it, I felt ashamed

I would never ever hurt it

I captured its image with my camera

disappeared one day never to return again

met it’s eyeball in heaven

The One-Eyed Canyon Towhee can never die


Canyon Towhee at my parent’s backyard bird feeder, Sedona, AZ… obviously this is its ‘good eye’

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