Summer Tanager Montgomery

I’m gonna name my first daughter Summer Tanager, the prettiest bird in Arizona in the state’s surprisingly lush riparian areas among the green leaf trees the pink rocks and gray-brown streams the Tanagers are BRIGHT RED like heart red like strawberry red like Crayola 8-pack red redder than a cardinal or a hummingbird feeder theContinue reading “Summer Tanager Montgomery”

If a Butterfly Lands on You that Means You’re Alright

so colorful so abstractly yet symmetrically patterned so gracefully airborne they just-know who’s worthy and who’s not if they sense you share the dignity of the milkweed they will fly near carefully set their legs upon your shoulder and stay there for a moment I go outdoors and hope this will be the day ofContinue reading “If a Butterfly Lands on You that Means You’re Alright”