Latest from Book of Food: “Drunk at King Soopers”

Back in my more lost days I’d have a few Jack&Cokes and go to the grocery store. The drinking was for other social reasons, but in the midst of my buzz I’d remember there was no food at home and something hadta be done. It was usually after midnight, so I’d hafta go to KingContinue reading “Latest from Book of Food: “Drunk at King Soopers””

Latest from Book of Food: “New Mexico Econo Lodge Breakfast”

The old man at the New Mexico Econo Lodge front desk watched me closely as I went to get my complimentary breakfast. I’d just put a banana and a blueberry muffin on my plate and was about to go for the scrambled eggs and sausage. “Don’t touch those!” he suddenly shouted.

Latest from Book of Food: “Nobody in the World Is My Age (Samoas)”

There was a Girl Scout at my school selling cookies. She was there all by herself but seemed to have it under control, setting up the table with all the colorful boxes lined up, making the right change for customers, and tallying up the orders. “I’ll take one of those,” I pointed to a purpleContinue reading “Latest from Book of Food: “Nobody in the World Is My Age (Samoas)””

Latest from Book of Food: “Utah Arby’s Woke”

There were no Black People in the Utah Arby’s No Mexican No Indigenous No Asian No Jewish No Queer No Trans No Female Identifying No Neurodiverse No Disabled People There were just two big White Guys and me – small White Guy.

Latest from Book of Food: “Raccoon in Trailer”

It was chaos. My roommate was a mess. Obese. Broke. Dying from fast food. Only felt loved by the dog. Our neighbor was a mess. Recently divorced. Underweight. Living without electricity. Only felt loved by her kids. My roommate related with her and invited her over to our trailer. Along with her two children… andContinue reading “Latest from Book of Food: “Raccoon in Trailer””

Latest from Book of Food: “Carryout Pizza”

I went to Domino’s to pick up my pizza. I looked down and suddenly noticed I’d stained myself with watermelon lemonade earlier that day. I must’ve drank it poorly. It was right on the center of my chest. White t-shirt. Pink spot. I pulled one side of my jean vest all the way across soContinue reading “Latest from Book of Food: “Carryout Pizza””

Latest from Book of Food: “Sunday Drive” (free content!)

It was a September Sunday morning in the Denver suburb of Westminster, and my girlfriend and I were driving down 104th Ave to Lamar’s Donuts. The sun was bright, football was gonna be on all day, and the sprinkles and glaze would be the sugars we’d needed all week. And the migrating birds were out.Continue reading “Latest from Book of Food: “Sunday Drive” (free content!)”