Book of Nothing Author’s Note

Sometimes I like going on Youtube and watching videos of scorpions attacking each other in the wild. Sometimes other small creatures too. Spiders, mice. A centipede is a surprisingly worthy adversary. Did you now if a scorpion is stressed enough they’ll eat their own young? 

I find it soothing. Hmm, why? Maybe it has to do with what Don Draper said in that one Madmen episode, “the universe is indifferent.”

There’s just something I like about nothingness. I like having nothing to do and nowhere to go. I especially like worrying about nothing.

And I like writing about nothing. Nothing that has a point anyway.

We live in a world full of people trying to make points, and it can get exhausting. How do you know how everything is supposta be? 

The pieces in this book are pretty miscellaneous, but one thing they share is that none of them really claim to know anything. They’re answerless. They’re confused. There’s no high horse, maybe not even a low horse. But maybe that’s alright?… 

  • Do you have trouble navigating thru suburban shopping centers and/or ever feel trapped in general? 
  • Do you like fresh hotel rooms and/or get disturbed by the ever present reality of entropy? 
  • Do you like to sit in silence in a cab, and/or have ever been told you’re the worst at something? 
  • Have you ever lost a favorite hat, and/or grieve for the dying art of rock n roll?
  • Are you fascinated by space disasters, and/or like to watch things that spook you? 
  • Do you ever fall asleep when driving, and/or sometimes avoid suffering consequences for no good reason? 
  • Did you ever want to work at a radio, and/or quit things that confuse you?
  • Do you ever fuck up push/pull doors, and/or feel like a total failure sometimes? 
  • Do you feel uneasy around cowboys, and/or something something Pandemic? 

 Me&You, Both!


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