Book of Writing Forward by Reed Bye

Me and Reed Bye, Laughing Goat, Boulder, February 2016

Here is Jonathan Montgomery’s Book of Writing—a selection of poetic narratives and discourses generated in the time-compressed context of open mic poetry readings and charged with the energy of lively stand-up performance.

These works mirror this poet’s eye for the brightly askew in ordinary happenings, including within the world of the open mic scene itself, and their implications on the artist’s psyche and writerly dreams. 

There is infectious wit in the awareness with which J.M. explores his identity investment in the cafe world of poetry and performance. His takes on ambition, triumph, and disappointment run a comic, sympathetic thread through the pieces and make them vehicles of confession and revelation. One gets a feeling sense of the years he’s given to writing for and performing at local venues while making his living teaching and driving a taxi.

I have known Jonathan for a number of years as student and poet, as gently sardonic critical literary observer, and as passionately engaged member of Boulder’s arts community, and, along with many here, have admired his edged voicings and sit up straight with anticipation when he is introduced at the mic. 

His works are compelling in written as well as spoken form—discursive in tone, rhetorically tight, brave in spirit and exploration—as you’ll read in this book. He is a poet and performance artist always sharpening his expressive sensibilities, and as you’ll see he has paid some very profitable dues.

                                                                                 Reed Bye

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