Kid Knees Tone

I have a grownup age but kid toys
My age exactly matches the percentage of my apartment taken up by
The Big Box of Stuffed Animals
I sit on my knees, reach in, and grab something fun
Ki Yo Tee
Mao Tin Gote
Bar Ock O Bomb Ma
All my toys are soft even if they are political celebrities
They attempt to be as realistic as possible without including any hard parts
I sit on my knees and smush them into my body
Snowg Ewse
Huh Ming Burd
Goaled Fnch
I sit on my knees and go ‘aww’ at the new toys that magically appear in the box
I just got a…
Tar Ranch Chula
Ball Deegle
Maarque Twaaane
Kid Knees Tone
Hmm, what’s this? I thought
It looked like a cute little brown blob
But when I smushed it into my body… it hurt
Its surprise-spikecrags poked behind my flesh and influenced my nerves
And caused a shooting pain from the center of my gut all the way down to my…
(whisper) penis
“Grate Hornd OWW-wull!” I said, “What put this in here?!”
I wanted to toss Kid Knees Tone back in the box
But for some reason it stayed smushed in me
A knifey stick
A killer sting
A kicking stab
A King Sore
Moving down over and over from my gut thru my groin to my…
(whisper) penis
I could only get off my knees
Run to the bathroom
Sit on the toilet
And chant til it was over
“grownup age
grownup toy
grownup age
grownup toy
grownup age
grownup toy” 
- February 2019, Boulder, CO
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