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Boulder Poet/Taxidriver Jonathan Montgomery returns with a fresh collection of MeToo’s. In Pizzas a mysterious sickness forces Jonathan to stop nighttime cabdriving and go back to his old job at The National Pizza Chain and it’s shitty! They do things like make him wear a uniform and mix pizza sauce and try to keep up with the suspicious ‘estimated delivery time.’ Meanwhile he encounters the strange old ladies and children of daytime cabdriving and also it’s time to unite the tribes of The Boulder Poetry Scene and take over the continent just like Genghis Khan would’ve. Can Jonathan get healthy, discover the source of NPC’s bullshit policies, and pay his past due Best Buy Credit Card in time to help lead the local poetry community to fulfill its destiny?

And in Mermaid Jonathan thinks the coast is clear and returns full time to his old taxi shift only to be ambushed by a series of fantasy beings. Mermaids, fairies, and unicorns! Jonathan is looking for success in the usual fields of money, love, and art, but the mythic creatures keep getting in the way. Beasts, sorceresses, and giants! Also the cab smells, the town is flooding, and David Byrne of the Talking Heads is getting old. Will these tragedies and freakish encounters lead Jonathan on a journey to discover his True Love? Or are the patterns that hold him back too irresistible to quit?


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