Some Days You’ve Got It (P&M Extra)

The Pizzas and Mermaid sessions produced an abundance of creative material that could not all fit into the book.  Here are some of the outtakes.  Once they’ve wet your whistle, follow this link


Some Days You’ve Got It

Some days you’ve just got it. For no reason at all your mood is right and you see the beauty in things and you have the feeling that everything will be alright no matter what. Your body feels lighter than usual and it’s easier for your frame to hold itself up and keep your head from sagging down. Wherever you go you walk strong and forward ready for anything.

Then when you’re out in public people will look at you a certain way. Like you’ll be pushing your cart thru the supermarket and everyone you pass will smile and nod. Even the hot chicks. They’ll take you in deeply with their gaze and then smile and nod. Somehow the whole world can sense that you’ve got it just from looking at you.  None of the usual effort is required to impress them.

These are the days when you should ask a girl out. Or go play basketball and take a lot of three pointers. These are the days to make the big writing push. In fact maybe don’t even write unless it’s one of these days. Wait as long as you have to.

The only problem is the rest of the days can be so shitty. So full of yelling and fatigue and lists of everything you haven’t done yet. How many times have the girls in the store noticed you looking at them and can just sense that you desperately need their attention and then frown and cross their arms over their boobs like armor?

You remember the days when you’ve got it. You know you could be better than this and you have no tolerance for this other self.  Why can’t you just have it everyday? Is it possible? With the right spiritual growth? I don’t know. It just doesn’t work like that for me.

At least some days I’ve got it tho.

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