Ghosts (P&M Deleted Scene)

The Pizzas and Mermaid sessions produced an abundance of creative material that could not all fit into the book.  Here are some of the outtakes.  Once they’ve wet your whistle, follow this link


I was trying to sleep in a haunted house. I could hear the ghosts all night.

“You’re not normal.”

“It was just a fleeting thing.”

“You fall in love with anyone who talks to you.”

“You’ve got a little bit of a belly there.”

“Well I really didn’t like that you don’t go to church.”

“You and your stupid grin. You looked my drunk dad.”

“You want me to be your mom.”

“Maybe you should read the part of the Prophet that talks about “friendship.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“You’re single? That’s dangerous.”

“You’re such a dreamer. I’m a doer.”

“You’re not my type. You’re not confrontational enough.”

“That sounded a little too romantic.”

“But if we went out it would mean we’d be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“You’ll need to be a lot more aggressive.”

“You don’t just fuck someone and then leave.”

“I know you’re older, but you’re more naïve.”

“You don’t have any confidence, I can tell.”

“I don’t want to just sit here and complain about your feelings.”

“I don’t think I can be physical with you anymore right now.”

“I can’t be your girlfriend.”

The ghosts were so hot. I wanted to grab one out of the air and pin it to the bed and fuck it. Even tho I knew my dick would go straight thru them and only hit the mattress.


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