Black Shirt/White Hairs

plain-black v-neck t-shirt 
folded in the dresser drawer
fresh from the laundry
perfect in its simplicity
it feels like the Tao
of my wardrobe

I want to wear it first!
I say in the morning
and throw it over my head

I look down and notice
it's covered in white hair
from the dog

she sheds
and jumps on you
and the debris sticks

you'd think the washer&dryer
are powerful enough to clean it
but no

upon close inspection
I notice the hairs
come in a variety of shapes and sizes

long straight
medium straight
short straight

right angle
split end
crazy long

lightning bolt 
two little specks over crescent

No! I think, not pure
They (the world) will see black shirt/white hair
instead of me and then...

the lint roller is somewhere less
not infinite anyway
fuck it

I pick a few off with fingers
some take multiple picks
some say stuck forever

black shirt/white hairs
I grunt
and just leave as is

imperfect mess
now the true Tao
of my wardrobe

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