Tanager&HouseFinch (What is ‘PBLSH?’)

Tanager had just created a brand new story. The wild bird flew up to a high tree branch to sing it to whichever few birds happened to be around, when they were interrupted by HouseFinch.

“Are you going to PBLSH that?” HouseFinch asked. “That’s what Ppl do.”

HouseFinch was a feeder bird, so he was always talking about what Ppl were doing. Tanager, on the other hand, was a wild bird who knew little of such things.

“What is ‘PBLSH?’” Tanager flew down from the branch and asked.

“It’s when Ppl put their story put in a package so lots of other Ppl can hear it,” HouseFinch said “not just the ones who happen to be around.”

“Why is that important?”

“The more Ppl who hear the story the better chance some Ppl will like it and give Ppl something in return for it.”

“Like what? Bugs and berries?”

“No, like the most important thing Ppl can give each other… Lv.”

“Is that like mating?”

“Lv is even better!”

“Well, mating is pretty good… how do Ppl get PBLSHd?”

“First, Ppl have to find A Great List of PBLSHRs and then send an explanation of the story to all of them. If Ppl describe the story with the exact right words the PBLSHR might read it, and if it’s good enough then they might PBLSH it.”

“My story is good.”

“It could be, but the PBLSHR has to tell Ppl whether it really is or not.

“That doesn’t sound simple.”

“Ppl could also get to know a PBLSHR personally, and then they don’t need to describe it in the exact right words anymore.”

“How do they get to know one?”

“Ppl have to get to know as many other Ppl as possible, and then maybe one will happen to be a PBLSHR.”

“I don’t know any Ppl.”

“If Ppl can’t find a PBLSHR they can always PBLSH themselves.”

“If they can just do it themselves why would they need PBLSHR in the first place?”

“Because other Ppl won’t think it’s as good and they’ll give less Lv for it, but at least it’s something.”

“Is it hard for Ppl to PBLSH themselves?”

“All Ppl have to do is put their story between two covers.”

“What’s on the covers?”

“It has to have the Prsn’s name and the story’s title. It also has to have a PBLSHR’s name.”

“Even if there’s no PBLSHR?”

“Yes, because it might fool other Ppl into thinking there was a PBLSHR.”

“So the cover lies?”

“No, it just persuades. It also persuades with a good picture.”

“What’s the picture of?”

“Something really attention grabbing. It doesn’t even have to be about the story.”

“That doesn’t sound simple.”

“Oh yeah, the covers also need Blrbs.”

“What is ‘Blrbs?’”

“They’re compliments from well known Ppl.”

“I still don’t know any Ppl. I also wouldn’t know how to put all those things on the covers.”

“When Ppl don’t know how to do something they pay other Ppl to do it.”

“Will they accept bugs and berries?”

“No, it has to be mny.”

“I don’t have any of that.”

“When Ppl don’t have any mny they just use crdt crds.”

“I don’t have those either.”

“Anyone can get those.”

“And then lots of Ppl will hear the story because of the package?”

“No way. They also have to prmt it.”

“What is ‘prmt?'”

“It’s when they tell every Prsn they know that they have a new story and even Ppl they don’t know in places they don’t live in.”

“They have to fly there?”

“No, they can just go on the intrnt and make psts.”

“What is ‘psts?'”

“Words about how they feel.”

“How many psts do they need?”

“They need to pst every time they feel something. They also need to tell lots of other Ppl they like their psts.”

“How do Ppl make a pst?”

“They type them in their devices.”

“I don’t have a device. I also don’t know how to type.”

“Ppl can also prmt at bkstrs.”

“What is ‘bkstrs?'”

“A place where Ppl who like stories go. Ppl go there to meet the Ppl who made their favorite stories and then get their sgntr”

“What is…?”

“Sgntr is when a Prsn writes their name with a pen.”

“I can’t write… Would I really have to do all this for my story?”

“Yes, this what Ppl do, otherwise they might not feel good about themselves.”

“Why not?”

“Without others’ Lv they will fade to their dths.”

“Well, I’m not a Prsn and I don’t think I care what Ppl do. I don’t eat at their feeders like you. I like to feed on the bugs and berries of the Mountains. I do feel good about myself.”

“You just don’t get it,” HouseFinch shook its head.

Tanager shrugged and eventually House Finch flew away. Then Tanager returned to the high tree branch to sing their new story to whichever few birds happened to be around.

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