A MeToo Perspective on the New President


The United States of America just got a new President.  Some people really want him to be President, and some people really don’t.  Many people on both sides are feeling an urge to be MeNotzies about it.  They are saying “not me” a lot. They are trying to change people’s minds so they think the same way.  They are arguing.  They are calling each other names.  They are making threats.  They are finding the people who think exactly like they do, forming an army, and preparing for the big confrontation.  Some may even want to have a War to finally eliminate everyone who is different from them.  Yes, even some of the Peace vowing Reality Travelers I know.  They are saying things like “You don’t understand. It’s SERIOUS this time.”

Even I’ve been swept up in it, screaming at my Social/Information Devices things like “I can’t fucking believe someone thinks this differently than me! What if this somehow leads to our annihilation?”

But then I hafta remember I’m a Reality Traveler, Called Upon by The Gods to MeToo the Realities of The World and prevent War. Which means, like it or not, I must find a way to MeToo all sides even if they seem way different and dangerous to me.

Of course a Reality Traveler must always Be Their Own Reality, never submitting to Domination, lying for a MeToo, or doing anything that is not Right for their Reality.   But at the same time we must, with all our hearts, try to focus on what we have in common.

If we do not agree on how money should be spread around, or which Realities are threatening, or how The Universe actually works, then we must find something else. Like maybe…

Pizza is good!

Farts smell gross!

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” rocks!

Or maybe something even better like…

It’s hard to be a human being.

Any of us. No matter your Identity. Suddenly appearing here in this World one day. Desperate to survive. Needing a purpose. Wanting others to love us. Confronted with constant change. Feeling pain. Feeling regret. Feeling fear.

At the very least we have The Big Two.

I’m Alive.

I Will Die.

It feels good to MeToo and then maybe you will trust each other more. And then maybe the  differences can be understood and accepted. Maybe you might even realize you are just like them, even the parts of them you really hate.

We’re more alike then we think. Nobody really wants War. And MeTooing has always been at the heart of any real Peace.

Even if the Worst Case Scenario ends up happening. And your side was right all along about it.  Will there be a real Peace without MeTooing those who were wrong?

I call upon anyone who reads this to consider the MeToo Perspective. It could mean you actually seek out the other side and try to MeToo them directly. It could mean just being a little nicer to everyone, even if they’re a stranger who you don’t know which side they’re on. It could just mean taking a deep breath before retaliating at someone who’s offended you with their differences. Or it could mean writing down a list of all the ways you’re just like that person who’s offended you.

No matter what happens to our country I plan to up my MeToo game this year. I’m gonna try to release my MeToo Manifesto novel, The Reality Traveler soon. I’ll try to be out there more. I’ll try to always Be My Own Reality and MeToo whenever possible. I hope you might join me in whatever way you can.

Thank You,

Traveler Jonathan Montgomery, known to The Gods as ‘The Bluebird’

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