The Internet (Not a Bird)

The Internet is where you get information about The Country


I love it

Cuz it usta take a lot longer to know that stuff

But now I just hafta press a button in my pocket


Like right now I know The Country is upset with eachother


Imagine what would’ve happened before The Internet

We would’ve thought The Country was happy


My only problem with The Internet is it’s not a bird


It has information about birds

It has facts and pictures and videos and discussions about them

rosy finches - allenspark, co
rosy finches – allenspark, co

But I can’t go on a trail and see The Internet in a treetop with my binoculars

It doesn’t migrate for the winter

Or eat berries and seeds or worms to survive

It doesn’t make a distinct call to attract a mate

It doesn’t build a nest

Or lay eggs in it

It doesn’t poop out white goo

It’s not outdoors

It’s not even in a cage

It has no wings, no feathers, no lightweight bones

And The Internet for all its modern powers cannot fly


I battle with myself every day whether I should go see The Internet


Or go see a bird


They both make me feel good in different ways


But only one makes me feel bad


Sometimes the information on The Country is too upsetting

“This is so unnatural!” The Internet says

“This is not alright!”

“We’re all going to die unless we do something RIGHT NOW!”


rosy finches - fawn brook inn, allenspark, co
rosy finches – fawn brook inn, allenspark, co

The birds are never upsetting

I even saw a dead one once

It was stiff and half eaten

But it still felt alright

“That’s just nature” you hadta say



Still I almost always choose The Internet

I choose its bad

I choose its upset

I choose to fly right into its cage

For some reason…

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