“I Wouldn’t Be Here If It Weren’t for Jack Collom” by Jonathan Montgomery

Boulder Poetry Scene

Jack Collom passed away on July 2nd, 2017 at the age of 85.  Here’s a link to the Daily Camera’s write up on him 

I wrote the following acrostic for Ellie Swensson’s Turnout Zine this spring while taking Jack Collom’s final Eco Poetics class.  

I Wouldn’t Be Here If It Weren’t for Jack Collom

Idon’t know why I went to Naropa’s Summer

Writing Program just before my senior year of college. I’m

Open to the idea The Mystical Forces of the

Universe drew me in. And outta some kinda divine

Luck I was placed in Jack Collom’s class, even tho I

Didn’t know anything about him. It ended up being

Nothing but writing games – acrostics, exquisite corpses,

Trade-offs. It felt like kidstuff, and I loved it. I

Belong here, I thought and applied for and

Enrolled in their…

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