“This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix Arizona Poetry Reading” by Jonathan Montgomery

Boulder Poetry Scene

Every other place is different than the place you live.  Like Phoenix Arizona.  There they have those tall pain-spike cactuses that raise their arms up and go ‘yay!’  They have palm trees in their shopping centers that invite you to have a beer on the asphalt like a Corona commercial.  And they have a great mutant sun that is close enough to touch with your little toe.

They also have poetry readings.  And if you haven’t been to one there you wonder how that might be different too.

Carnegiea_gigantea_in_Saguaro_National_Park_near_Tucson,_Arizona_during_November_(58)On June 15th at Jarrod’s Coffee Tea and Gallery in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, a collection of local East Valley poets known as ‘District 4’ gathered to express themselves via creative use of words.  They looked like normal people except there entire bodies and clothes were an unmistakeable shade of ash gray, and you could only assume the sun had overcooked…

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