Latest from Book of Nature: “It’s Hard for Wild Animals”

I mean, look at what’s happening to the Polar Bear. Its true nature is to relentlessly hunt the blobbedy seals of the North Pole ice shelves, but we’ve fucked with degrees Celsius too much, and it’s getting to the point you can easily imagine a world in which every Polar Bear is swimming toward aContinue reading “Latest from Book of Nature: “It’s Hard for Wild Animals””

Latest from Nine Books: “The Adjunctsigh”

I overheard a history teacher conferencing with a student in the adjunct office, the communal space where all the college’s adjunct instructors get work done because they don’t have their own private offices. “There were some issues with your last essay,” the instructor told them. “For example, it was only half the minimum word count,Continue reading “Latest from Nine Books: “The Adjunctsigh””