Latest from Book of Love: “Panties ‘n Dog”

Her body hasn’t been here for awhile, but her panties still are. Somewhere over on the other side of the room. The dog is still here too. She’ll grab the panties in her mouth and bring them over to my side of the room. We’ll be watching a show or something together, and I’ll lookContinue reading “Latest from Book of Love: “Panties ‘n Dog””


My parents’ dog Shanti’s favorite toy was a little stuffed animal lamb named Lamby.  It had a white wooly back, hoofed legs, little nub ears, and pink face with ‘y’ shaped snout. He’d pick it up with his teeth, growl, and shake it back and forth.  If you grabbed the other end of it, ShantiContinue reading “Lamby”