Starting today premium content from my new collection of short work Nine Books will be available to those who sign up for a paid subscription! 

I know you’re supposta to come across like a confident salesperson when making these kinds of pitches, but the truth is I’m pretty nervous about putting it out there. Mainly cuz the Internet scares the shit outta me.

For years now I’ve had almost no stage fright when it comes to sharing my work at any open mic or in publication. Perhaps I’ve been blessed this way, or maybe its more science – you are motivated to do that which you have been complimented for in the past. And I do feel great about this Nine Books project which is a collection of my favorite things I’ve written for the mics over the last 6 years. Normally at this point I’d be putting it out in print and working on a big cool release event at some bar with costumes and music and dancing and drinks, etc… But now that in-person local community has been disrupted because of The Pandemic, I have to think of alternative ways to get my work out there. So the fucking Internet.

I’ve seen you Internet with your vicious arguments and battle royale for attention. I look at you all the time, but adding my own stuff to you is a different beast. My biggest fear is really that you’ll ignore me no matter how good my writing is. I’m worried I won’t be able to beat the algorithm or it will take an extraordinary commitment of time and energy, and even if I do get break thru the web design won’t be up to par, and no one will want to subscribe or read anyway cuz… I don’t know, people look at the value of things differently online. 

But I’ve gotta make a stand here, because what am I going to do? Not share my stuff anymore? There’s a calling at stake here. So I’ve gotta face this thing, and say to myself once again I’m not going to care whether I’m ignored or liked or whatever. I must put this book out because I must. And I’ll accept whatever happens. 

So here it is The Nine Books project. Each book covers a different major theme of my work from the last several years…

  • School
  • Food
  • Pain
  • Nature
  • Birds
  • Writing
  • Love
  • Baseball
  • Nothing

I’ll be posting content from a new book over the course of each month, which will include…

  • The writing itself 
  • Forwards from interesting people
  • My photography 
  • Audio recordings of the work
  • Videos (like Stuffed Animal Theatre)
  • Author’s commentary (in which me and Get in The Car Helen will shoot the shit about my process in creating these pieces)
  • Invitations to and recordings of special events (like Zoom panels and Book Club meetings in which we discuss the themes of the work) 
  • Discounts on the work when it does become available in print 

This can all be available to you by subscribing for either a one time cost of $18 (which is what I’d charge for a print copy of the collection) or a recurring cost of $3/month.

Again, I’m really proud of the work I’ve done here and look forward to sharing it with you. And I hope you get a Me&You Both! experience from it. Please check it out, subscribe, and if you dig it spread the word to others. 


Jonathan Bluebird Montgomery

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