Latest from Book of Writing: “Publish My C**k”

In college I hadn’t gotten into poetry readings yet. I was more about short stories and playwriting back then, and sharing them in the workshops was enough for me. But I did go to a student poetry reading once, and the one thing I can still remember about it was a guy reading a poemContinue reading “Latest from Book of Writing: “Publish My C**k””

Latest from Book of Writing: “Your Time”

At the end Grammy didn’t always make sense. “Uncle Stanley’s fortune,” she’d say. “Who took Uncle Stanley’s fortune? Helen and Lester? My sakes…” “Uncle Stanley didn’t have a fortune,” you’d hafta say. “He died a penniless farmer.” But I knew Grammy was also still a rare opportunity to get some valuable information about the past.

Latest from Book of Writing: “Writer’s Neck”

A famous poet just came to town and featured at some of the open mics. Their voice was strong and their words were true and they had the Writer’s Neck… It rose outta the torso at that certain angle It reminded me of the dinosaurs It was made of stone age It was made ofContinue reading “Latest from Book of Writing: “Writer’s Neck””

Latest from Book of Writing: “Release Party”

The best part of creating something is the Release Party. After creating something you put it in a form the world can consume for a reasonable price, and you let everyone know it’s available with a Release Party. You invite a bunch of people to a cool arts friendly venue and entertain them with performancesContinue reading “Latest from Book of Writing: “Release Party””

Latest from Nine Books: “Been Drawing Lotsa Palm Trees Lately”

Maybe cuz they’re so hard to find teaching in Colorado, and I at least want to see one even if it’s just a small, two-dimensional pencil scribble on the corner of a piece of notebook paper.


Starting today premium content from my new collection of short work Nine Books will be available to those who sign up for a paid subscription!  I know you’re supposta to come across like a confident salesperson when making these kinds of pitches, but the truth is I’m pretty nervous about putting it out there. MainlyContinue reading “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Nine Books Now Going Up!”