Latest from Book of Pain: “Kid Knees Tone”

I have a grownup age but kid toys My age exactly matches the percentage of my apartment taken up by The Big Box of Stuffed Animals   I sit on my knees, reach in, and grab something fun   Ki Yo Tee Mao Tin Gote Bar Ock O Bomb Ma   All my toys areContinue reading “Latest from Book of Pain: “Kid Knees Tone””

Latest from Book of Food: “Sunday Drive” (free content!)

It was a September Sunday morning in the Denver suburb of Westminster, and my girlfriend and I were driving down 104th Ave to Lamar’s Donuts. The sun was bright, football was gonna be on all day, and the sprinkles and glaze would be the sugars we’d needed all week. And the migrating birds were out.Continue reading “Latest from Book of Food: “Sunday Drive” (free content!)”