Latest from Book of Writing: “The Best Poet in Boulder”

One night in the cab I pulled up to an intersection on The Hill, and someone on the street recognized me. “Jonny!” he pointed. It was a guy who went to the open mic. We had never hung out or really even talked much before. He performed. I performed. That was it. He motioned forContinue reading “Latest from Book of Writing: “The Best Poet in Boulder””

The Boulder Game

Whenever I’m in Boulder these days I play a game called ‘What Usta Be There?’  The game goes you drive or walk around town passing things and try to remember what usta be in their place, such as… The Terrapin Station where my girlfriend had to pick up her medication today used to be a donutContinue reading “The Boulder Game”

A Place I Usta Go Every Monday

Last Monday The Boulder Cafe was a place I go, but now it’s just another place I usta go, cuz it closed. I usta go every Monday before the Laughing Goat open mic.  I’d get a double Jack with a Coke-back and six hot wings on their incredible and lifesaving 3-til-close half-off all appetizers andContinue reading “A Place I Usta Go Every Monday”