Latest from Book of Nothing: “Sleepy Cab”

Sometimes on the weekends I’d be driving cab so late that all the drunks had gotten home and it had become the next day. And then I’d get a DIA trip. It would mean another 50 minutes there and 50 minutes back, but it would also mean another 100 bucks, so I couldn’t pass itContinue reading “Latest from Book of Nothing: “Sleepy Cab””

Latest from Book of Writing: “The Best Poet in Boulder”

One night in the cab I pulled up to an intersection on The Hill, and someone on the street recognized me. “Jonny!” he pointed. It was a guy who went to the open mic. We had never hung out or really even talked much before. He performed. I performed. That was it. He motioned forContinue reading “Latest from Book of Writing: “The Best Poet in Boulder””