Latest from Book of Pain: “Two Old Doctors Reminisce”

In the my-own part of my life I never speak to doctors except to solve medical problems for $30 a pop. “My kidney stone is killing me every single day,” I tell them. “Well, it shouldn’t be,” they tell me. “Ohhhkay,” I sigh and think, man, what authority! What an unflinching barrier between us! It’sContinue reading “Latest from Book of Pain: “Two Old Doctors Reminisce””

Latest from Book of Pain: “It’s Harder to Diagnose When Multiple Things Are Going On”

“Where’s the pain?” the Doctor asked.

I pointed to my right abdomen.

“And when does it hurt?” he asked.

“Whenever I walk for any period of time,” I said, “also when I listen to the Counting Crows “Hanginaround,” or sometimes for no reason at all.”

“Counting Crows, eh?” the Doctor raised his brow.