Now going up: Book of Writing

New Book of Writing content will be posted throughout July!

Author’s Note

Yeah, I’ve always wanted to be a celebrity writer. Ever since I heard about J.D. Salinger getting to be a complete recluse but still receiving lots of adoration from society anyway. And for some reason I never thought it would be all that hard. I figured it was probably my destiny.   

Forward by Reed Bye

Here is Jonathan Montgomery’s Book of Writing—a selection of poetic narratives and discourses generated in the time-compressed context of open mic poetry readings and charged with the energy of lively stand-up performance. 

Release Party

The best part of creating something is the Release Party.

After creating something you put it in a form the world can consume for a reasonable price, and you let everyone know it’s available with a Release Party.


For more from the Nine Books series…

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