Latest from Book of Baseball: “Todd Van Poppel”

Todd Van Poppel 
Todd Van Poppel 
pitching prospect  
limitless potential  

Todd Van Poppel 
Todd Van Poppel 
Oakland Athletics 
already unstoppable   

Todd Van Puppy  
Todd Very Pristine  
toast of ‘91 
Beckett’s Magazine  

Wodd of Dollars 
Van Odd Cents   
sportscard show 
whole allowance  

In Todd We Trust 
We the Poppel believe  
just keep it safe 
in a plastic sleeve  

But Poppel Van Poopy 
Turned Van Shit 
got to the majors 
very hard hit  

Todd Value Droppel 
Turd Value Plunge 
tossed into commons 
with fastball lunge  

Later Van Poppel 
Toddely For Gotten 
my parents' basement 
26 years rotten  

Godd Van Damn 
Godd Van Bless 
“Mass produced 90s 
virtually worthless”  

Eyes Go Poppel  
Todda Be Trippin' 
“50 bucks whole collection, 
you pay shipping”  

Blah Ass Fuckel  
Teeth Van Gnash 
100 lbs of cards  
go straight in the trash  

Poppel Todd Van 
Van Todd Poppel 
the psychics were wrong 
the investment has toppled  

Boggle Puppet Poptart 
Tee Vee Pee 
kept just one card  
to remind me  

Todd Once Royal  
Poppel Once Pope 
briefly my childhood 
symbol of hope

December 2017, Sedona, AZ… after throwing out most of card collection in parent’s basement

Listen to “Todd Van Poppel” here!

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