Todd Van Poppel

Todd Van Poppel Todd Van Poppel pitching prospect  limitless potential Todd Van Poppel Todd Van Poppel Oakland Athletics already unstoppable  Todd Van Puppy  Todd Very Pristine  toast of ‘91 Beckett’s Magazine Wodd of Dollars Van Odd Cents sportscard show whole allowance In Todd We Trust We the Poppel believe  keep it safe in a plasticContinue reading “Todd Van Poppel”

The European Starlings in The World Series

The winner of this year’s World Series will be a flock of European Starlings flying with precise coordination across a road near where I live… They’ve never been the champions of Major League Baseball before, ever since 60 of them were introduced in 1890 Central Park by a guy who thought all the birds mentionedContinue reading “The European Starlings in The World Series”