Latest from Book of Nothing: “The Soviet Space Program”

there’s nothing scarier than the Soviet Space Program… 
wanting so badly to beat America to every milestone
unconcerned with the value of the individual… 
just as many of ours died in horrible explosions
but the Russians were so secretive
it’s easy to imagine way worse things were happening
like maybe they were even causing space disasters
on purpose… 
in the 60s two Italians claimed to have eavesdropped on them 
with state-of-the-art radio equipment
and overheard a nightmare… 
a female cosmonaut 
desperately trying to communicate with mission control 
“I’m hot,” she says. “Is that normal?” 
“I see flames,” she says. “Am I okay?” 
“I’ll be able to return,” she says, “right?” 
that’s when the transmission suddenly ends
and it's left to your imagination... 
her floating into the blackness of space
maybe on fire
no one to help 
and the Soviets just shrugging
and the Soviets just laughing
and the Soviets just swooning with their lust for human suffering! 
we don’t know how credible this recording is
it could be a hoax
the USSR did unseal their records after the empire fell
we probably know all their secrets now
they were probably as human as you and me 
but man that Soviet Space Program spooks me good
I watched several documentaries about it last weekend
for some reason I wanted to feel that
October 2017, Boulder, CO
Listen to “Soviet Space Program” here!

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