A Review of Ted Floyd’s “How to Know the Birds”

I love experts. Those whose experience, knowledge, and passion in a certain field cannot be replicated by just anybody, especially me. In the modern every-voice-matters social media landscape expertise can get confusing. Everyone is instantly a published poet, high school drop-outs argue with Ph.D’s over matters in their fields, and I think some people mightContinue reading “A Review of Ted Floyd’s “How to Know the Birds””

Dead Birding Expert

A lady who guided weekly birding groups in Northern Arizona died recently. I went out with her group several times last summer and learned a lot about the local birds from her.  Like how the Common Yellowthroat goes ‘witchity-witchity,’ or how you don’t pronounce the l’s in Cordilleran Flycatcher, or how the Montezuma Well picnicContinue reading “Dead Birding Expert”