Latest from Book of Love: “Your Dead Scorpion”

Baby, I love how you have a dead scorpion on your pillow it’s my favorite thing about you I like to watch it decompose together rotting claws stinger mush exoskeleton odors once formidable killer of small insects now shrinking into a sheet stain right where your head’s supposta sleep I admire your half-smile as pincersContinue reading “Latest from Book of Love: “Your Dead Scorpion””

Latest from Book of Birds: “Angel of Finch Death”

Yesterday I saw what appeared to be a dazed and injured House Finch. It was just sitting there on the ground in the back yard and didn’t even move when I got close. Upon closer look its eyes were all pink and puffed-closed and blood crusted like Rocky in the last round. It was alsoContinue reading “Latest from Book of Birds: “Angel of Finch Death””

Latest from Book of Nature: “Dead Birding Expert”

A lady who guided weekly birding groups in Northern Arizona died recently. I went out with her group several times last summer and learned a lot about the local birds. Like how the Common Yellowthroat goes ‘witchity-witchity,’ how the western Yellow-billed Cuckoo can be found in riparian habitats, and how the L’s are pronounced likeContinue reading “Latest from Book of Nature: “Dead Birding Expert””