Latest from Book of Food: “Sunday Drive” (free content!)

It was a September Sunday morning in the Denver suburb of Westminster, and my girlfriend and I were driving down 104th Ave to Lamar’s Donuts. The sun was bright, football was gonna be on all day, and the sprinkles and glaze would be the sugars we’d needed all week. And the migrating birds were out.Continue reading “Latest from Book of Food: “Sunday Drive” (free content!)”

Latest from Nine Books: “Don’t Say The Name!”

So far this semester I’ve hadta play this game called “Don’t Say the Name.” Every day in my English class I feel the temptation to say it, but it can only lead to bad things, so I hafta resist.

A Review of Ted Floyd’s “How to Know the Birds”

I love experts. Those whose experience, knowledge, and passion in a certain field cannot be replicated by just anybody, especially me. In the modern every-voice-matters social media landscape expertise can get confusing. Everyone is instantly a published poet, high school drop-outs argue with Ph.D’s over matters in their fields, and I think some people mightContinue reading “A Review of Ted Floyd’s “How to Know the Birds””

The Internet (Not a Bird)

The Internet is where you get information about The Country   I love it Cuz it usta take a lot longer to know that stuff But now I just hafta press a button in my pocket   Like right now I know The Country is upset with eachother   Imagine what would’ve happened before The InternetContinue reading “The Internet (Not a Bird)”