I Stumbled upon an Eco-Poet on the Internet: A Review of Myself and ‘In Wildness’ by M. Stone

  The internet, man… I’m on it all the time, but I don’t really get it.  Especially the internet writing community. For years I’ve mainly invested in old-fashioned methods like local open mics, face-to-face communities, and handmade, hand-sold zines and chapbooks. In addition to a glut of instagram bird photography, occasionally, when moved, I’ll post anContinue reading “I Stumbled upon an Eco-Poet on the Internet: A Review of Myself and ‘In Wildness’ by M. Stone”

Tanager&HouseFinch (What is ‘PBLSH?’)

Tanager had just created a brand new story. The wild bird flew up to a high tree branch to sing it to whichever few birds happened to be around, when they were interrupted by HouseFinch. “Are you going to PBLSH that?” HouseFinch asked. “That’s what Ppl do.” HouseFinch was a feeder bird, so he wasContinue reading “Tanager&HouseFinch (What is ‘PBLSH?’)”

A New Year’s Day Statement on ‘MeToo’

I was doing a training weekend at the Boulder Shambhala Center in November 2003, and in the midst of a meditation session I had a sudden haiku-piphany. There’s just one thing I want you to say -“metoo!” I know you’re supposta let go of all thoughts during meditation, even the good ones, but that oneContinue reading “A New Year’s Day Statement on ‘MeToo’”

Black Shirt/White Hairs

plain-black v-neck t-shirt  folded in the dresser drawer fresh from the laundry perfect in its simplicity it feels like the Tao of my wardrobe I want to wear it first! I say in the morning and throw it over my head I look down and notice it’s covered in white hair from the dog sheContinue reading “Black Shirt/White Hairs”


My parents’ dog Shanti’s favorite toy was a little stuffed animal lamb named Lamby.  It had a white wooly back, hoofed legs, little nub ears, and pink face with ‘y’ shaped snout. He’d pick it up with his teeth, growl, and shake it back and forth.  If you grabbed the other end of it, ShantiContinue reading “Lamby”

Band of Children Fails Performance of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “Learning to Fly”

  In honor of the late Tom Petty,  here’s something I wrote for the Monkey Puzzle Press blog back in 2011. At a local summer community festival a band made up entirely of children played the Tom Petty & The Heartrbeakers’ song “Learning to Fly” and did not succeed. The children’s arms and hands were notContinue reading “Band of Children Fails Performance of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers “Learning to Fly””

The One-Eyed Canyon Towhee…

came to the backyard bird feeder and was bad-ass came to the feeder and was pitiful I ran to get my binoculars to get the closest possible look must’ve survived a fight I wanted to be it I felt sorry for it, I wanted to give it a new eye, but I wasn’t capable EveryContinue reading “The One-Eyed Canyon Towhee…”