Identifying Sandpipers

I was at Sawhill Pond just before sundown, and the sandpipers were back.  Little brown-gray-white birds with long bills that peck at things in the mud. According to Sibley Birds West there are 17 species referred to as ‘sandpiper’ and 68 shorebirds overall.  They have distinct names like ‘spotted,’ ‘solitary,’ ‘semipalmated,’ ‘baird’s,’ ‘western’, and ‘least.’  But theyContinue reading “Identifying Sandpipers”

“This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix Arizona Poetry Reading” by Jonathan Montgomery

Originally posted on Boulder Poetry Scene:
Every other place is different than the place you live.  Like Phoenix Arizona.  There they have those tall pain-spike cactuses that raise their arms up and go ‘yay!’  They have palm trees in their shopping centers that invite you to have a beer on the asphalt like a Corona…

“I Wouldn’t Be Here If It Weren’t for Jack Collom” by Jonathan Montgomery

Originally posted on Boulder Poetry Scene:
Jack Collom passed away on July 2nd, 2017 at the age of 85.  Here’s a link to the Daily Camera’s write up on him  I wrote the following acrostic for Ellie Swensson’s Turnout Zine this spring while taking Jack Collom’s final Eco Poetics class.   ? I Wouldn’t Be Here If It Weren’t…

Conor O’Neill’s Moves Locations… to BOULDER HEAVEN

Starting Saturday April 22nd 2017 Conor O’Neill’s, the Irish pub off 13th and Pearl in downtown Boulder, will no longer be at that location and instead move to BOULDER HEAVEN. I’ve been going to the original location ever since I first moved to the area in 2003. There were several reasons…   In the middleContinue reading “Conor O’Neill’s Moves Locations… to BOULDER HEAVEN”

The Internet (Not a Bird)

The Internet is where you get information about The Country   I love it Cuz it usta take a lot longer to know that stuff But now I just hafta press a button in my pocket   Like right now I know The Country is upset with eachother   Imagine what would’ve happened before The InternetContinue reading “The Internet (Not a Bird)”

A MeToo Perspective on the New President

Love means accepting one another, not finding solidarity around a common enemy. — Daily Zen (@dailyzen) January 24, 2017   The United States of America just got a new President.  Some people really want him to be President, and some people really don’t.  Many people on both sides are feeling an urge to be MeNotziesContinue reading “A MeToo Perspective on the New President”

“They Have Poetry Readings in Other States” by Jonathan Montgomery — Boulder Poetry Tribe

For the last few years I’ve only gone to poetry readings in Colorado. You can go to one like every night of the week here, and there is no need to go to other states to find them. Until last week I wasn’t even sure if other states had readings or open mics anymore. I… viaContinue reading ““They Have Poetry Readings in Other States” by Jonathan Montgomery — Boulder Poetry Tribe”

The Boulder Game

Whenever I’m in Boulder these days I play a game called ‘What Usta Be There?’  The game goes you drive or walk around town passing things and try to remember what usta be in their place, such as… The Terrapin Station where my girlfriend had to pick up her medication today used to be a donutContinue reading “The Boulder Game”