Latest from Nine Books: “Mommrryoomaadd?”

The little boy came into the Writing Center with his mom. She was there for help on a college application essay, which was supposta help improve both their lives. While I was advising her on things like purpose and organization and grammar, he squirmed in his seat and made noises… “Meep…”

Latest from Nine Books: “Been Drawing Lotsa Palm Trees Lately”

Maybe cuz they’re so hard to find teaching in Colorado, and I at least want to see one even if it’s just a small, two-dimensional pencil scribble on the corner of a piece of notebook paper.

Latest from Nine Books: “Don’t Say The Name!”

So far this semester I’ve hadta play this game called “Don’t Say the Name.” Every day in my English class I feel the temptation to say it, but it can only lead to bad things, so I hafta resist.

Latest from Nine Books: “Professor Kerouac”!

Professor Kerouac stood in front of the class, but no one was starstruck, no one pointed with excitement, and no one said, “oh my god, a historical literary figure is teaching us!” Because no one knew who he was…


Starting today premium content from my new collection of short work Nine Books will be available to those who sign up for a paid subscription!  I know you’re supposta to come across like a confident salesperson when making these kinds of pitches, but the truth is I’m pretty nervous about putting it out there. MainlyContinue reading “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Nine Books Now Going Up!”

A Review of Ted Floyd’s “How to Know the Birds”

I love experts. Those whose experience, knowledge, and passion in a certain field cannot be replicated by just anybody, especially me. In the modern every-voice-matters social media landscape expertise can get confusing. Everyone is instantly a published poet, high school drop-outs argue with Ph.D’s over matters in their fields, and I think some people mightContinue reading “A Review of Ted Floyd’s “How to Know the Birds””